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February 25, 2013

Clothing Swap

Very excited that tonight is our clothing swap. It's something every group of girls should do.

I'm very fortunate to have a sister in law and best friend who have always LOVED to give me their old clothes. Once at a book club meeting my friend suggested we bring some of our clothes to share with each other. It was a really fun night and I was glad to find a good home for some clothes I loved but just weren't fitting me right. The book club never repeated the clothing swap but I couldn't get over the idea.

Our first official swap was 3 people but we had a blast! Each of us thought our clothes weren't good enough for anyone else to want but we all left with great stuff we were excited to have. We were so excited to share this idea. 6 months later when it was time to clean out the closet again we sent some emails and tried to get more people involved. Our first few were small, many people don't think their clothes are nice enough. Let me tell you I don't shop anywhere fancy and am always surprised when so many of my clothes go to good new homes. Slowly the word got out and people gave it a try. Once they tried it most of our friends were hooked. We now have a core group that always makes a point to be there and we always have some new folks. We probably have 10 people at each swap. Since we have grown we have all shapes and sizes available which is great because it opens it up to even more people.

When we first started swapping everyone was a little shy about how to show their clothes. We found the best way was to just start pulling our stuff out and putting it all together in a pile. Soon enough we would start getting comfortable and would be "selling" our pieces to each other. Now that the sway has grown so has our organization. We choose different spots in the living room for each category of clothes. Since I've had extra time on my hands this month we will even have signs for each category.

I have no shame. I tend to wear comfy clothes that go on and off easily and try on my clothes right there when I find them. Other gals will go with more of a dressing room technique and choose a number of items before trying them on in another room. Whatever works for you!

I suggest everyone give this a try. Just get one or two friends that you are comfortable with and are similar sizes. You don't have to be the same size, this is that chance to get rid of things that you love but just sit in the closet because their not right on you. Also you'll find that your friends prefer different fits, you might like your clothes loose but they like them fitted. After your first time you'll fall in love and will think of a few other gals who would appreciate it. Then it just keeps growing.

Happy Swapping!

Posted by Sarah on February 25, 2013 8:04 AM


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