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February 27, 2013

Long Time A Comin


This necklace and earrings took their time, or rather I did creating them.


It started last July on our summer vacation. On the one rainy day we had during our beach vacation, Mom and I spent the day on our fabulous screened in porch making beads. I have to admit in the dim light I thought I had picked out a tan base so I was disappointed when I realized it was orange. But the orange has grown on me and I have a summer dress that matches perfectly.

That day I made the earring but I still had so many more beads!


This fall on a visit to Mom and Dad's house we got out the jewelry making supplies again. I finally got some inspiration to put those beads to work. To make this necklace you use all eye pins. You get a lot of chance to practice your loops.

But I missed out on a lot of our time to work because I had a conference call for work that day.


I worked on it a few times at home when I felt inspired to pull out the project. Finally completing it the week after my foot surgery when I had plenty of time to sit and make loops. All while keeping my foot elevated of course!

Last week I added a coat of clear nail polish to give the beads a finished look.


Posted by Sarah on February 27, 2013 9:12 AM


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